Kelly Renee Art 

Kelly Renee is a local artist and works in both pencil and acrylics. Her art, which captures the intimacy and careful details of various subjects, has been featured in many venues in California and has won awards in fairs and shows in local counties. She taught photorealism for two years and earned her AA in Fine Arts in the College of Sequoias in 2009. Currently she is looking to take commissions while living at her home in California.

David L Smith Pencil Portraiture
David begain drawing at about 8 or 9 ( the subject was mostly airplanes). Then in college mostly buildings along with an Architecture major. About 20 years ago he be came fascinated with the human profile. He developed the technique he now uses, a combination of “drafting tecnology” and artistic talent. Smith uses equipment (vinyl lead on mylar) for a pure art purpose.David currently serves on the Adjunct Faculty of COS and operates two businesses :David L. ,Architect, and David L. Smith, Pencil Portraiture
I am a caregiver by nature, but crafting is my passion.  Making handcrafted and hemstitched items has been a therapeutic outlet for me all my life so it was natural for me to merge them during the formation of my Etsy shop HandcraftsNHemstitch.  I am eternally grateful to all those who support artisans like myself.  You have given me the opportunity to share a part of myself with all of you through the things I create, Thank You!
Kathy’s Kernels
I started my cottage food operation business, Kathy’s Kernels in February 2014.  My youngest son asked me to think of something I could make and sell.  Came up with caramel corn and did some preliminary taste testing with friends and family and decided it was a go.  My oldest son designed my website and makes me look good.
I love being in my kitchen making caramel corn, and now toffee.  I appreciate all my customers and their support and my retail stores who are gracious enough to put my product on their shelves.